What is Send Me Your Money Now?

It's pretty simple. Send me your money NOW! is a way to send your money directly to and I will be very thankful for your contribution to bypass the Government, the 1%, is taxable, does not contribute to Corporate Welfare.  In fact, the only contribution will be to me. And I promise to spend your money on just myself or on anything I danged well  please.  Remember, each 20 dollar contribution builds me either closer to being Bloody Rich or buys a six pack and a pizza.

What will the funds be spent on?

Anything I wish.  It could be used to start a business. It could be used to allow me to go on a great vacation.  It could be used to buy me a new house built the way I want it.  It could be used to feed the homeless.  It could be used to pay for a Medical Clinic.  It could be used on a Pizza and a 12 pack.  It all depends on how much this brings in.  Not to worry, unlike the upper 1% I will pay my fair share of taxes on it.

You've seen this type of person standing on street corners and wanted to see them somewhere else.  The courts won't allow you to pass legislation to get them off the busy street corners or out of the parks.  Well, here is the Answer.  No more stopping busy traffic, getting out of your car and giving cash to someone that will use it for booze and drugs.  I rarely drink and don't use illegal drugs.  Give it to me from the confines of your own home.   Now you can feel good about yourself without leaving your home.